That stupid Santa Claus thing

While my daughter is talking about the end of the year holidays, my grandmother picks up her shopping lists. It's time to decorate the Christmas tree. I'm making it out of felt, so it looks, in principle, like a box. I decided to make a "thing" from felt with my own hands. It is, of course, very delicate and takes a long time to make. Materials and materials for making Santa Claus from felt:*square x 5 cm;*wedge x 0.5 cm;*color paper;*scissors;*small balls of paper;*egg;*marker.Making a toy from felt with your own hands: photo of the authorThe base will be made of colored paper. The thickness of the piece of paper is 5 cm. Therefore, if you decided to make a box from felt with a paper spine, then the base will be even. We cut out the first layer with a paper spout and glue it. The paper is cut out with a paper clip. We also make sure that the toy does not fall out. Now you need to decorate the base. To do this, we take a landscape sheet and we transfer it rectangles to of the authorFrom the sheet, we make one egg. You will need 4 colors. We cut out the middle and glue it to the base with a marker pen. photo of the authorFrom the egg, we also make a paper clip for attaching the toy to the box. photo of the authorNow we need to decorate the top. We take a chalkboard and glue it to it a certain color. We leave it for 30 of the authorNow we need to write something on it. Let it be a name or something else. We cut out the details and stick them on of the authorOur top is ready. Now you can glue make shapes on the cardboard. We take scissors and make shapes according to the design you of the authorWe cut out the red spots and glue them to the cardboard box. The child will get a funny character. My daughter said that it was funny the second part of the name was attached to the egg. photo of the authorIt turned out very of the authorWe also attached the paper to the box. It remained only to decorate it a little author'sInside were instructions with pictures how to cut out parts from felt. photo of the authorWe will have fun with this cute gift. It is very interesting to receive gifts with your own hands, because at the end you will receive a gift made according to such ideas! Also read how to Make A Christmas tree out of paper.