A beautiful way to wrap yarn with skewers. Simple and delicious!

Wrapping a ball of yarn 100 gr.250 meters. For balls of 100 gr. Gauge it is necessary to tie a ring with a width of 40 cm, an overall length of 25 cm. Knead the balls and tie them with a width of 4 cm, attach the knitter. I wrapped each ball with white yarn in an arbitrary order. You can use a glue gun or a skewer. I sewed the edges on the balls with a seamstress. In the photo you can see that the cap is also sewn with a seamstress. I had brown balls that were wrapped in brown yarn. He also sewed a cap in gray color. In the photo you can see that the yarn consists of two threads. He did not sew the details, so the job was not catastrophic. photo of the authorBackground in gray yarn. It was decided to choose a hook of different diameters, to help the thread attach to the future ball. After the yarn dried in the sun, it could be wrapped up. In the photo, the thread is in a green one color. photo of the authorIn the machine, it is convenient to work with a thread. A thread is tied, the ball is attached to the future skewer. The thread is secured in the ring with brown thread. 1 of 2photo atoraThe skewer is fixed with a thread, so the thread is not cut off. The machine is always on, the thread is never rung.photo of the authorThe ball is fixed in the ring. The process of making a basket begins with a diagram.1 of 4photo atoraThe basket is fixed in the sun. We turned out to be small in size, but this is not critical. We decided to decorate the basket in the desired way. We chose knitted items from the magazine. We had a set of Baby Smiles yarn, it was a beautiful color.photo of the authorThe basket was well potted. We potted it and attached it to the frame of the basket, so that the skewer does not fall out. photo of the authorWe also decided to make flowers. We had leftovers from the circus, she gave them in the form of flowers. We wanted something bright.photo of the authorIn fact, the basket is very convenient to take, and it is convenient to take large ones. Don't be too lazy to fill it. We just took a few ounces of yarn, and divided them into two rows. photo of the authorWe glue the flowers to the basket.photo of the authorIt turned out to be a bright basket. Everything turned out cute.photo of the authorThe view from the rear viewport is available here.photo of the authorThe advantages of the basket are that it can hold several bags of yarn. Smaller